King of the Buttons

‘It was never supposed to make that noise’

Towards the Point?- Baltes, Cohen & Barnes

March 13th, 2012

In this programme we investigate the raging battle between the young pretender and the mature craftsman in the heady murk of our popular culture. We take in art in the form of a new exhibition from Corneila Baltes- "Hooloovoo" at the Aspex Gallery, music swaggers our way in the form of the 12th studio album from Leonard Cohen "Old Ideas" and the written word looms large through Julian Barnes' "The sense of an ending". Plus, there is original poetry from Maggie Sawkins.

"Towards the Point?" Is written & presented by James Sandy & Simon Mobbs and is A King of the Buttons Production for 93.7 Express FM.

This show was first broadcast on Monday 12th March 2012.