King of the Buttons

‘It was never supposed to make that noise’

Made at MAC: Life of a Song

July 16th, 2016

In this podcast we explore the 'Life of A Song' through some unique performances from the opening night of MAC Songwriting Circle's innovative exhibition. 

The interactive exhibition looks at how songs grow from an embryonic idea, passing phrase or whistled melody, to fully formed musical productions, crystallised on magnetic tape or vinyl.

We catch up with Songwriting Circle students Danielle Cawdell, Elena Thomas, Chris Cleverley and John Meehan and course leader Dan Whitehouse to discuss the songs in depth and how they emerged from the project.

This podcast was written and presented by James Sandy and is A King of the Buttons Production 2016 for Made at MAC.

All music content appears courtesy of the respective artists and individual copyrights are observed. 

'Made at Mac: Life of a Song' runs until Sunday 28th August 2016.