King of the Buttons

‘It was never supposed to make that noise’

The New Curiosities Box: Show Four

June 11th, 2017

NCB_JS.jpegIn the fourth show of the series we get a lowdown on Gypsy Jazz from a backstage chat with The Remi Harris Project and attempt to get a grip on the wonder of neo-conceptual art through a new exhibition of Jenny Holzer's work at the MAC.

Thanks to MAC Birmingham, Yardbird Arts, and Artists Rooms for their support in the making of this podcast.

'The New Curiosities Box' is written & presented by James Sandy and is a King of the Buttons Production 2017 for Switch Radio 107.5FM & DAB.

'Bock to Bock' (Montgomery, EMI United Partnership Ltd) and 'Need your love so bad' (Mertis John jr. Trio Music Inc, Lark Music Ltd) performed by Remi Harris, from the album 'In On The 2', are copyright 2016 Yardbird Arts (under license) and all rights are reserved.

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This show was first broadcast on 7th June 2017.

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