King of the Buttons

‘It was never supposed to make that noise’

The New Curiosities Box: Show Twenty Five

February 18th, 2019


In this programme we catch up with longtime friend of the show Birmingham singer songwriter Dan Whitehouse, consider the dream like art of Matthew Krishanu through his exhibition 'The Sun Never Sets' and talk to folk legend Martyn Joseph as he fires out thoughtful tunes once again through his new album 'Here come the young'.

"State of the English" and "Frozen" taken from "Diversions Vol.1" by Dan Whitehouse are copyright Dan Whitehouse 2018 and released in association with Reveal Records and appear with kind permision. All rights are reserved.

"Matthew Krishanu: The Sun Never Set" runs at First Floor Gallery, Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) Birmingham until Sunday 10th March 2019.
For more information on the artist visit:

"Here come the young" and "Loves majority" from the new album "Here come the young" by Martyn Joseph are copyright 2019 Pipe Records and appear with kind permision. All rights are reserved.

'The New Curiosities Box' was written and presented by James Sandy and is a King of the Buttons Production 2019.

This programme was first broadcast on 30th January 2019 on Switch Radio 107.5FM, DAB & Online.

Title music: 'Café connection'(excerpt) by morgantj (c) copyright 2009 and licensed under creative commons.

All rights are reserved and any artwork/photography reproduced with kind permission.