King of the Buttons

‘It was never supposed to make that noise’

The Blood Tales: Kate Joyner

March 6th, 2019


The Blood Tales transports audiences into the mystical landscape of a woman’s blood through the lens of its narrator, a witty, funny and sensual witch who is not afraid to ‘tell it how it is’. The show seeks to dispel the outdated views across the globe of shame, taboo and disgust towards women and their menstrual cycle.

The Blood Tales is presented by Silver Moon Theatre Co. and receives it's London & UK premiere on International Women's Day Friday 8 March 2019.

In this podcast, James Sandy speaks to Birmingham-born experimental actress and spoken word poet Kate Joyner about how The Blood Tales re-wires the shamed based narrative of women’s moon blood into a tale of beauty and empowerment that is both deeply provocative and political in its delivery.

This interview was first broadcast on 26th February 2019 as part of 'The New Curiosities Box' on Switch Radio 107.5FM, DAB & Online.

The New Curiosities Box is written and presented by James Sandy and is a King of the Buttons Production 2019 for Switch Radio.

Title music: 'Café connection'(excerpt) by morgantj (c) copyright 2009 and licensed under creative commons.

Image appears with kind permission.

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