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‘It was never supposed to make that noise’

The New Curiosities Box: Show Twenty Nine

July 30th, 2019

NCB_JS.jpegIn this show we talk to members of the city's own mass world, fusion music phenomena that is Birmingham Royal Conservatoire's Folk Ensemble as they embark on a national tour. We get the low down on a musical heritage project crowd sourcing a capture of memories that might help reawaken the dance & trance venue that was Corporation Streets Que Club and we consider the life and work of composer and music collector George Butterworth through a compelling new documentary.

Excerpts from 'Sleepy Maggie' and 'William Taylor' performed by the Conservatoire Folk Ensemble are copyright Birmingham Conservatoire and appear with kind permission. All rights are reserved. For more information visit:

'All my life's buried here- The Story of George Butterworth' - A flm by Stewart Morgan Hajdukiewicz was produced by Stewart Morgan Hajdukiewicz, Patrick Kingwell and Malcolm Taylor for British independent HajduKino Productions (c) 2018. For more details check out:

Due to copyright restrictions some of the music used in the radio show does not feature in the podcast version. Check out the spotify playlist on the blog to hear the tracks.

Title music: 'Café connection'(excerpt) by morgantj (c) copyright 2009 and licensed under creative commons.

This show was first broadcast on 28th May 2019 on Switch Radio 107.5FM, DAB & Online.

The New Curiosities Box is written and presented by James Sandy and is a King of the Buttons Production 2019.